255 East Bonita Ave.
Building 3A
Pomona, CA 91769
Campus of Casa Colina
Claremont Imaging Associates
Thank you for finding and perusing this website. 

Claremont Imaging Associates is a radiology medical group that provides medical imaging services on the Casa Colina Hospital campus. 

I am the president of the group and I was directly involved in the design and construction of the imaging center which was completed in early 2005 when Casa Colina Hospital was rebuilt.  I decided which medical imaging services would be provided and I chose the specific equipment that you see in the imaging center.  The decision regarding the equipment was primarily based on the needs of Casa Colina Hospitalís patients and clinics, but additional services such as mammography were added at the request of the medical community.
I am a Board Certified Radiologist with additional fellowship training and certification in neuroradiology.  I have additional expertise in musculoskeletal imaging which is a now a primary focus since Casa Colina is a rehabilitation hospital.  I was trained as a radiologist at the Medical Center in Houston.  After training I joined the radiology group at Pomona Valley Hospital and worked there from 1987 till 2003.  My goal and focus in building and designing the imaging center was to provide exceptional quality imaging in a calm outpatient setting for the patients of Casa Colina and the surrounding area. 
Youíll notice that there is a cash price listed on the website.  This is generally for people that either have no insurance or have a very high deductible plan.  The cash price is approximately the governmentís Medicare payment price for the imaging studies.  The online list includes the majority of the routine imaging studies.  If your desired study is not on the list, please give us a call. 
I hope that your experience in the imaging center is as pleasant as possible.

Gary L. Jensen, M.D.