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Nuclear Medicine Studies
SPECT (Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography) and PET (Positron Emission Tomography) are both offered at the Casa Colina Diagnostic Imaging Center.

These are the two most common imaging modalities used in Nuclear Medicine, which uses radioactive tracers to assess bodily functions and to diagnose disease. Specially designed cameras allow our radiologist to track the path of these radioactive tracers, resulting in optimum diagnostic capabilities and results.

We are pleased to offer a variety of nuclear medicine scans including, but not limited to monitoring, evaluation, detection and treatment planning for disorders and diseases of the brain, heart, thyroid, parathyroid, liver, spleen, lungs, gastrointestinal tract and bones

What are the unique benefits of Nuclear Medicine scans?

Provides unique diagnostic information currently unattainable with other
imaging procedures;

Delivers the most useful information needed to make a diagnosis and to determine appropriate treatment for many diseases;

Allows early detection of a disease resulting in quicker treatment and oftentimes a better prognosis;

They are completely non-invasive and much less traumatic than exploratory surgery.

Available Exams:

Hepatobiliary (HIDA)
GI Blood Loss (Red Blood Cell)
Hemangioma (Red Blood Cell)
Gastric Emptying (Solid Phase)
Liver/Spleen Scan
Liver/ Spleen Scan with SPECT

Brain Perfusion SPECT

Wall motion study (MUGA)
Heart Infarct Imaging

Gallium whole Body
Gallium Limited Area
Indium White Blood Cell Imaging- Limited
Indium White Blood Cell Imaging-Whole Body

Lung Perfusion
V/Q Scan
Quantitative Lung Imaging

Renal Scan with flow and function
Glucoheptonate Renal Scan

3 phase Bone Scan
Whole Body Bone Scan
Bone Scan with SPECT

Parathyroid Scan
Thyroid Uptake and Scan

Lymphoscintigraphy (Breast)
Lymphoscintigraphy (Melanoma) Octreoscan