255 East Bonita Ave.
Building 3A
Pomona, CA 91769
Campus of Casa Colina
Claremont Imaging Associates
Routine MRI: Brain, spine, joints, abdomen and pelvis.

MR Angiography: Brain, arch and carotids, renal, abdomen, pelvis and lower extremities.

MR Arthrography: All joints.
Preparing for your MRI:

General prep for all exams:

1) Wear comfortable clothing (sweats etc.) without metal buttons, zippers etc. You may be required to change into an exam gown.
2) Come in without most jewelry except rings.
3) Be able to fill out MRI screening sheet and know your medical history
4) Bring help if needed to translate, aid in dressing and any extra help you may need to get on table. If you have any special needs to accomplish any of these tasks please inform us prior to scheduling.
Note: If you have any prior studies related to the exam, please bring those with you (films, CD, and reports).
Please follow the below for special circumstances:
   1) Be here at least ˝ hour prior to exam time.

   2) You must bring a driver.

   3) Do not eat at least 4 hrs prior to exam (no coffee, tea,
       or stimulants).

   4) If diabetic you may consume a light breakfast.
MRI exams of the Abdomen: Do not eat at least 8 hours prior to exam. (If diabetic see item 4 above).
Sedation: If you need sedation, bring your prescribed sedative and take in our waiting room, per your doctor’s instructions.
Please inform us if you have any electronic devices implanted inside your body prior to scheduling exam. If you have you must furnish us with DEVICE, MANUFACTURER, MODEL and DATE OF IMPLANTATION. The same may apply to certain metal implants or prior exposure to metal in your eyes no matter what age that has occurred.