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Claremont Imaging Associates
Preparing for your CT Scan
Abdomen and/or Pelvis:

1. No food or medications 4 hours prior to exam.
2. Diabetic patients hold Glucophage, metformin, glucovance, janumet for 48 hours post exam.
3. Diabetic patients extra fluid to hydrate kidneys post injection.
4. Patients with fluid restrictions shall follow doctors guidelines.
5. Low blood pressure medications should be taken prior to exam.
6. Patients should wear non-metallic clothing and leave all jewelry at home.
BUN/CREATININE required on all patients over age of 65, diabetic or renal compromised. (1 kidney)
Routine CT: Brain, neck, chest, abdomen, and pelvis.
CT Urography
CT Angiography: Arch and carotids, chest abdomen and pelvis,
and lower extremities.
CT Arthrograms
High Resolution CT Temporal Bones
All CT Scans Utilize Low Radiology Dose Protocol